The website is There are certain areas of global change that are important for economic growth. The following are areas of study that can create an improved global economic and social structure:

1. A global taxation system has been proposed. A tax on certain international monetary transactions has been a central idea among several schools of thought. This type of financial tax places a sales tax on international monetary transfers in the currency markets. This tax is levied across international borders, and the funds are collected for world social and economic programs.

2. The financial system that is used internationally and in developing countries can be improved. A more global network of international transactions can create a more integrated global system. This type of financial plan can coordinate many of the individual efforts in critical global programs such as those in the healthcare industry and those in international education.

3. Taxation reform is one area of global economics that has been a critical topic of discussion. Taxation can create the funds for world programs that are then used to combat poverty and disease. Climate change initiatives can help to eliminate global warming problems that are relevant today as well.

Business and human rights are two areas of change that are prominent among politicians and educators today. Human rights issues are a part of several emerging political systems in the world. These human rights issues include poverty, disease, lack of education, and other critical human needs. Financial development is one method of assistance that can help to eliminate several of these world human rights problem areas. Financial development can create employment in areas that are in great need of jobs.

The global needs programs are focused on improving the standard of living and the quality of life for many of the global residents today. One method is to create a global fund through a method that uses financial transaction sales taxes. The proceeds from these sales taxes are to be used to combat the many and global social and economic issues that are a part of third world countries. There are similar programs suggested for more mainstream economic problems as well. These transaction tax programs are a method of global solution.


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