Global policy is discussed with Global tax revenues can be generated from the following revenue sources:

  1. Carbon emissions can be taxed in order to provide much needed revenue for social and economic programs. A taxation of carbon emissions can help to slow down the global climate changes that are problems today for the global environment. A taxation of this type of air pollutant can assist in combating this global issue with new clean up methods and studies of application.
  2. A tax on currency transactions at the global level can assist in stabilizing the world economies. This type of taxation can be levied against certain currency transactions that move across international boundaries. This type of tax can assist in shrinking the currency markets and provide billions in international revenue. These international funds can be directed towards social and economic problems on a world scale.
  3. Global solutions can include providing improved energy sources for local governments as well. Fuel and technology often are two areas of improvement that an impoverished region can incorporate. Finding better fuel sources can help to improve a local economy and help to raise a standard of living in an impoverished area. Global solutions can provide education for a region and direct the local residents to be more self sufficient. These global programs can be directed towards fighting hunger and poverty, providing schools for populations without school facilities, reversing the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS, preventing the spread of malaria, and helping to stabilize local economies.

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