… this is an area of current concern for many global citizens. There are certain tax changes that are underway in many of the local and regional court systems. These tax changes are designed to increase basic and local taxes for the citizens in order to raise certain monies for various government programs. The financial crisis has created a substantial increase in public debt. Many of the new tax programs proposed are being developed to make up for many of the deficits in the public sector.

The group is speaking out against the declining social and democratic rights in today’s Europe. The ideas that this group is focused on include the tax levies that are being imposed on the general public population in this area. This political group is suggesting that certain alternative policies can provide the financial revenue just as well as the many tax levies that have been imposed. This public action group recommends that financial transaction taxes be used and that the regulation of financial markets is a better alternative. Instead of imposing taxes on the general population, there is a different strategy that can be implemented. The sanctions against the general population for not following the various tax plans are questioned as well.


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