The Halifax Institute uses a coalition of Canadian human rights, tax transparency, and social justice focus. This integration of social justice causes can be further studied on their website. The Canadian group focuses on economic justice and how this field can be a means for social policy change. There are various tax rules that the coalition focuses on, and most of these tax rules involve certain tax evasive methods. The group is concerned about how the modern corporation is not paying its share of the tax bill. This leaves the common people with most of the bill and most of the responsibility of supporting the national government. Tax havens are not looked upon kindly by this social activist group. The coalition indicates that this type of tax shelter can create sizable problems for the national cultures. Not paying corporate tax bills results in the public sector having a larger tax responsibility.

The group advocates for the following innovations:

  1. Improved financial transparency is important. Transparency encourages the large companies to participate in the tax system.
  2. Global tax rules need to be reformed. The modern tax system seems to be supporting a type of tax avoidance for some businesses.
  3. Tax compliance is critical for an effective world economy.

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