Global cooperation in the climate and energy fields is the main focus of this research institute. Climate and the environment are studied together with certain scientific approaches. The institute has a more applied structure as well. Energy saving projects are several of the studies that are currently underway. How various transitions are sustained for society and used are integral applications of the study for studies attempt to combine certain ecological questions with the current issues of the economy and societal change. The basic research for the group is based on the following academic fields:

  1. The natural sciences are used as the basic foundations for analysis.
  2. The cultural sciences are many of the applications for the research group.
  3. Engineering and economics are often combined in order to produce effective products that can be used to combat global and social problems.

Transitional approaches are important for this group’s analysis. There results are integrated with systems programs and other relevant experiments. Projects for the group are focused on major global issues and how interdisciplinary groups can create effective solutions.

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